All Forms

Below is a listing of all current YAA forms and Guidelines. Please see the applicable website pages for information on the different programs and their use.

Please note: Fax # has been discontinued.  Forms can be mailed or sent via email to


Online Insurance Application

Teacher Training Program

NOTE:  The YAA TTP Curriculum is currently undergoing a review/reorganization.  Updates will be posted here when finalized.  Contact the Coordinator at with any questions or concerns.

Excel Summary Sheet – April 2021 (if Excel version is not compatible contact the Coordinator at for other options)

Equivalency Certification Program

NOTE: These forms are currently being updated.  Contact the Coordinator at


Advanced Training Levels

Grandfathering Forms

(Only for use until November 2021 by eligible YAA Teachers Certified before December 2018)

Grandfathering – Permanent Cert


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