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Eligibility & Upgrading
Why Certify?
300-Hour Requirements
500-Hour Requirements
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Eligibility & Upgrading

Yoga Teachers with 200-Hour or 500-Hour certificates are eligible to apply for YAA Equivalency Certification. The YAA recognizes high standards of yoga teacher training obtained either provincially or internationally in a diversity of styles. More than one teacher training program can be combined and credit may be granted for classes and workshops taken after teacher training programs.

If you hold a 200-Hour Yoga Teaching Certificate and do not yet meet the requirements, you may apply to upgrade by filling in the Application for Equivalency Certification. The Certification Coordinator will assess your background, contact you personally, and guide you in what you would need to meet full qualifications.  If you are not satisfied with the decision your application fee will be refunded. When all requirements have been satisfied your Certification will be processed.

Why Certify?

There is currently no legislation or licensing requirements for regulating yoga teachers in Alberta. Teacher training programs do exist that claim to train teachers in a very short time period, with no prior yoga experience required. So why would a yoga teacher voluntarily submit to the stringent requirements set by the YAA?

It is precisely because they believed in setting high standards, to benefit and protect both the teachers and the public, that dedicated local yoga teachers banded together to form the Yoga Association of Alberta over forty years ago.  The YAA is now recognized as having some of the highest training standards in North America, and is a thriving community of mutual inspiration and cooperative peer support.

The Yoga Sutras call for steady practice over an extended period of time, along with devotion, discipline, deep understanding and faith. The Bhagavad Gita defines yoga as skill in action. Yoga teachers and yoga teacher training should exemplify these qualities.

300-Hour Requirements

  • A minimum of 2 years since the applicant started his or her first formal hatha yoga teacher training program.
  • 200 hours of yoga teacher training from a recognized hatha yoga program.
  • 100 additional hours of yoga training in workshops and/or classes with experienced teachers.  Training in modifications for special concerns, meditation, yoga philosophy and breath awareness is highly recommended.
  • A minimum of 10 hours of the above training must be taken with a YAA Senior Teacher or a YAA sponsored Senior Teacher (one YAA Teaching Skills Workshop or two YAA Monthly TTP Classes recommended – see the Events page of our website or contact the Certification Coordinator).
  • Evidence of written assignments equivalent to YAA standards & curriculum (~20 hours).
  • A character reference letter (see form for details).
  • Current CPR Certification (any level).

500 Hour Requirements

  • 500 hours of yoga teacher training from a recognized hatha yoga program, or combination of programs.
  • A minimum of 2 years since the start of first formal hatha yoga teacher training program.
  • A minimum of 10 hours of teacher training, workshops or classes with a YAA Senior Teacher or a YAA sponsored Senior Teacher (YAA Teaching Skills Workshop or two YAA Monthly TTP Classes recommended – see the Events page of our website or contact the Certification Coordinator).
  • Evidence of curriculum and written assignments equivalent to YAA-TTP standards.
  • A character reference letter (see form for details).
  • Current CPR Certification (any level).

Application Forms

  • To apply for Equivalency Certification, please see the requirements listed above.
  • If you require upgrading, please follow the same procedures as below with the information you have available. You will be contacted by the Coordinator by phone or email once your application has been assessed for assistance in creating a plan to complete any missing requirements.
  • Ensure your YAA Membership is up-to-date. (Full YAA membership must remain current throughout the TTP and all certification levels.  Please consider paying 2-3 years in advance.). Membership is different from Teacher Certification.
  • Pay online for Equivalency Certification Fee, submit a cheque with your application, or call the YAA Office with a credit card number.
  • Download and submit the Equivalency Certification forms below, with details on the training you have completed to date. Documents can be mailed or scanned directly to cert@yoga.ca

Equivalency Certification Forms

Excel Version – Additional Hours Worksheets

Forms can be mailed or sent via email to cert@yoga.ca.  You will be contacted directly with assessment results.


All YAA Certified Hatha Yoga Teachers meet professional upgrading standards and maintain regular attendance in both classes/workshops and teaching hours, and must apply for Recertification every three years.

With further training and experience, YAA Certified Teachers may also qualify for Advanced Training Levels.


Questions may be directed to: cert@yoga.ca.


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