Note: FULL (or Lifetime) membership is required for YAA Certified Teachers, TTP students, and members attending YAA workshops over $100.
(Voting privileges and newsletters mailed directly to member.)


1st Year Free for Alberta Residents – New Members Only
(Electronic newsletters sent by email. No voting privileges.)


Full Lifetime Membership
(Same as Full Membership w/ no expiry – Voting privileges and newsletters mailed directly to member.)

As a Member of the Yoga Association of Alberta (YAA) you are supporting and encouraging the growth and communication of yoga in the province, assisting in the service of those who may not otherwise be able to experience the numerous benefits of yoga, and helping to maintain a high level of expertise amongst Alberta teachers.  Yearly memberships expire December 31st each year.


As a Member of the YAA You Receive:

  • A subscription to the YAA newsletter Yoga Bridge: an informative publication containing yoga articles and upcoming events happening in the province-wide yoga community. There are three issues – spring, fall and winter.
  • Alberta Yoga Teachers’ Directory updated yearly and published in the Yoga Bridge and online.
  • Borrowing privileges from the YAA library of over 600 titles.
  • Yoga Fund Donation Program: Official Tax Receipts provided.
  • Voting privileges to full members at Annual General Meeting.
  • Support the growth of yoga in Alberta through our Outreach Program (yoga in schools, prisons, at-risk and disadvantaged populations, etc.).  Through the YAA’s Outreach Program a variety of yoga workshops are offered to rural and urban communities.
  • Consider the YAA Teacher Training Program: high standards that exceed industry norm, pay-as-you-go, study with qualified, experienced Senior Teachers (est. 1978).  Non-YAA Certified teachers can apply for YAA Equivalency Certification.  Upgrading opportunities and recognition for Intermediate and Senior Teacher Status.
  • Registered YAA-TTP students receive a Tuition Tax Credit Receipt for tuition paid for workshops, classes, etc.
  • Participants at all YAA Events must be YAA members.


There are three distinct categories in the Yoga Association of Alberta – YAA Membership; YAA Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and YAA Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification. Their distinguishing features are as follows:

YAA Membership

YAA Full, Associate and Lifetime Members fall under this category. Anyone can be a member of the Yoga Association of Alberta (e.g. yoga practitioners, yoga teachers, and individuals from the general public).

YAA Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Only YAA members who are registered in the YAA Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program fall under this category.

YAA Hatha Yoga Certification

Only YAA Certified Hatha Yoga Teachers fall under this category. In order to qualify for Certification, a yoga teacher must be a full member of the YAA in good standing; must have met the YAA Certification requirements, and must have applied and been approved for YAA Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification by the YAA Teacher Training and Certification Committee and the YAA Executive through either the YAA Teacher Training Program or through the YAA Equivalency Certification Program.  YAA Certified Teachers meet professional upgrading standards and must apply for Recertification every three years, maintaining active participation in both classes/workshops and teaching hours.

Yes! I would like to become a member of the Yoga Association of Alberta.

Please call the office at 780-427-8776 to pay by credit card, purchase online (see top of this page), or download the Membership Form. Print at your computer and mail with a cheque or money order to:

The Yoga Association of Alberta
Percy Page Centre
11759 Groat Road
Edmonton, Alberta CANADA T5M 3K6

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