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February 15, June 1, October 15:  Articles and Advertisements

February 15, August 1, October 15:  Calendar of Events



Revised April 26 2021

The newsletter of the Yoga Association of Alberta (YAA), Yoga Bridge, is published three times a year to provide articles of interest to the Alberta yoga community and curious readers. It is published under the guidance of an Editor and an Editorial Board, all of whom are yoga practitioners with extensive writing experience. The Editor and Editorial Board receive overall direction from the YAA Board of Directors and the Executive Director. Members of the Editorial Board (excluding YAA Staff) and the Editor are volunteers.


What is Accepted for Publication:

The Editor and the Editorial Board of Yoga Bridge are responsible for requesting, receiving, reviewing and determining whether or not to accept articles for publication. Feature articles are often solicited by the Editorial Board but we are always open to fresh ideas. You are welcome to submit ideas for features on asanas, pranayama, meditation, yoga traditions, interviews with or stories about teachers and yogis, yoga philosophy, benefits of yoga, your experiences as a practitioner or as a teacher and how they have helped you and others to live with more self-awareness. Articles on allied practices and disciplines such as Ayurvedic medicine and biofeedback are sometimes featured.

If you’d like an idea of what kinds of articles have been featured in the past, check out the back issues on the YAA website for content and style. A Compendium of Articles (2010-2020) published in the Winter 2021 Yoga Bridge gives a complete overview of the articles that have been published and shows the range and breadth of topics our members know something about. As well, you are invited to review back issues of the Yoga Bridge Newsletter at the top of this page.

If you have an idea for a feature article or other written submission, please send a brief email to the Editor at with a one paragraph summary outlining your subject, purpose, main point, primary source of information (why you are the person to write this feature), and your connection to it (e.g. are you a yoga teacher, student, or practitioner?). The Editor will reply within three weeks.

From time to time, certain themes are featured in the Yoga Bridge. These are announced in an Editor’s message from the previous issue, as the subject of a special mail out to members, or posted on the YAA website ( Learning about Asanas is a regular column that is part of one or more newsletters during the publication year. This is an opportunity for YAA Certified Senior teachers to describe an asana in depth (how to perform safely, meaning, benefits etc.), including a focus on modifications as needed to adapt to differing abilities and safety considerations.

All material must be the original work of the writer and not previously published in any medium or format.

Occasionally Yoga Bridge reproduces previously published material from another source with written permission by the original publisher. Please contact the Editor before submitting an article that has already been published elsewhere. You will be required to obtain written permission from the original publisher, specific to reprinting in the Yoga Bridge.

Articles that promote any individual or organization will not be considered for publication. But rather, we encourage you to inquire about our advertorials and advertising space by sending an email to

Submission deadlines for all article contributions are February 1 for the Spring newsletter, June 1 for the Autumn newsletter, and October 15 for the Winter newsletter. This allows the Editor and the Editorial Board, as well as the author, enough time for review and revisions prior to the publication deadline. Articles submitted after this date will be considered for the next newsletter.


Suggested Length for Submissions:

The Editorial Board uses the following guidelines for length but is flexible depending on the depth and detail required for the submission. The Editor will respond with feedback on length, any additional information required, and other suggested revisions to strengthen your submission. The Editor, or a member of the Editorial Board, will assist you as needed so your article fits with the guidelines.

  • Feature articles/essays: 1000 to 1500 words
  • Book review: 750 words
  • Poems: Up to 500 words
  • Art/Photographs: If artwork or photos are submitted to accompany your article, we require original copy with minimum 300 dpi resolution labelled as artistname_title.jpg. Please provide a two-to-three-line caption to describe the image.

Along with your submission, please provide a two-to-three-line (~40 words) bio outlining your background and how you can be reached.


Copy Editing Guidelines:

Submitted articles and essays should follow the basic conventions of grammar, spelling, common usage rules, and clarity.  If you are interested in knowing more, the Editorial Board follows the YAA’s Copy Edit Guidelines.  The Editor will contact authors for approval about any major edits but authors agree to accept minor copy-edits without consultation that don’t change the intent or meaning of the article.



A. Calendar of Events (Deadlines February 15, August 1 and October 15)

  • Please submit your entries in the following order and layout:
  • Date, (E, C, O, H) Workshop Title w/ Instructor. Description. Time. Cost. Location. Contact person and phone number.
  • E=Edmonton; C=Calgary; O=Online; H=Hybrid (online and in-person)
  • Examples: 

February 2-5  C  O  Yoga for You w/ June Yogateacher. Gentle yoga for beginners. 9-4pm. $200. June 777-555-3333.

March 3  E  H     Yin Yoga w/ June Yogateacher. All levels welcome. 1-4pm. $40. June 777-555-3333.

  • Calendar of Events listing preference will be given to events taking place in Alberta.
  • Due to space considerations and as per the YAA’s mandate to promote the practice of yoga, event listings in the calendar will be accepted only if they are about yoga practice or related to disciplines complementary to yoga (e.g. vipassana meditation, ayurvedic medicine); and are subject to the editorial board’s discretion.
  • All entries will be screened and edited at the editorial board’s discretion. Any entry may be denied publication at the editorial board’s discretion.
  • Submitters of events must be current paid YAA members.
  • Each entry may have two lines of description of the event, time, place, cost and contact information, approximately 200 characters.
  • Check the newsletter for examples of how to sequence your information, abbreviations, etc. Please keep descriptions as short as possible.
  • Submissions may be edited by YAA due to space limitations.
  • Please double-check dates, times, location, contact person, etc., before submission.
  • Due to the large volume of submissions submitted, event listings that do not follow these guidelines may be returned to the sender to be edited and resubmitted before the newsletter deadline.
  • The YAA is not responsible for confirming or checking the accuracy of the information provided in Calendar entries. The YAA is in no way responsible for errors or omissions or missed submissions of any kind.
  • The YAA does not assume responsibility for events that take place before circulation of completed newsletter.


B. Advertisements  (Deadlines February 15, June 1 and October 15)

  • Formatting and layout of paid advertisements by the YAA must be requested at least two weeks prior to the issue deadline and is available only when time permits.
  • Additional charges apply for typesetting information into advertisement space. The YAA reserves the right to request that ads be reformatted.
  • The YAA will accept advertising that is directly related to yoga practice or study, or to disciplines complementary to yoga (e.g. vipassana meditation, ayurvedic medicine), and is subject to the editor’s discretion. Any entry may be denied publication at the editorial board’s discretion.
  • Strong graphic images, less text and more white space create an eye-catching visual effect.
  • Advertisement Files Requirements:
    1. Press-ready files must be supplied in PDF format to comply with industry standards.
    2. Build your ad to the exact size specified, with no excess white surrounding the image area.
    3. Do not include Crop marks.
    4. COLOUR ADS: The file must be supplied in CMYK colour mode. Any non-process colours (i.e. RGB, Pantone) will be converted to CMYK. The publisher will not be responsible for any colour shifts that may result from this conversion. The combined ink density of CMYK colours has to be maximum 300%.
    5. GREYSCALE ADS: The file must be supplied in Greyscale mode. Any CMYK and non-process colours (i.e. RGB, Pantone) will be converted to Greyscale. The publisher will not be responsible for any legibility shifts that may result from this conversion.
    6. All fonts must be embedded.
    7. All images must be a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at 100% size.
    8. Rates and size of ads at the top of this page.

Conditions of Submission and Publication

By making a submission of any kind to the Yoga Bridge for publication consideration, you are agreeing to the following Conditions of Submission and Publication.

Copyright Policy: Duplication of YAA material in other journals/newsletters is approved subject to notification of, or consultation with the editor or YAA Executive Director. Do not re-publish without permission.  Once approved please add “Reprinted from the Volume XX, Issue XX Yoga Bridge Newsletter with permission from the Yoga Association of Alberta”

Please note the following conditions of publication found on page three of Yoga Bridge. Submission of your article, calendar submission(s) or advertisement(s) to the YAA Yoga Bridge Newsletter will be accepted as your intended agreement with these conditions. The YAA editorial board reserves the right to reject, copy-edit and condense all articles, calendar listings or advertisements submitted for publication. If accepted for publication, any substantive changes will be made in consultation with the author and in view of publication deadlines. If you wish to submit an article, please review the guidelines above.

The Yoga Association of Alberta and its volunteers, staff, editors, editorial boards and members assume NO responsibility for content, errors, mistakes, omissions, missed submissions or entries to the newsletter of any kind, nor any delays in publication or circulation. Submissions to the newsletter are voluntary.

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