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The YAA is a non-profit charitable organization that promotes yoga in Alberta and has been recognized throughout North America for its high standards of yoga instruction.   The YAA offers its own Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program (TTP) which begins at the 300-Hour Level, advanced training opportunities and recognition at the 500-Hour, 600-Hour and 800-Hour Levels, as well as an Equivalency Certification Program that recognizes teachers who have already completed equivalent training elsewhere.

Teacher Training Program

The YAA Teacher Training Program (TTP) is a mentorship-based program in hatha yoga, where students choose a YAA Senior Teacher with whom to apprentice. Students are able to choose a lineage that suits their needs, and customize their training according to their interests.  See the Find a Teacher page and check out the Coordinator’s article on How to Find a Good Teacher.

Schedule: The YAA TTP consists of 300 Hours of training taken over a minimum of two years,  allowing students to work at their own pace and integrate their learning over time.   Core classes are held once a month in Edmonton, usually on Saturdays.  Teaching Skills Workshops are held twice per year.  Senior Teachers may run their own equivalent classes in other locations.  The student also chooses classes and workshops that fulfill the remaining hours of the program, based on their own preferences and availability, under the guidance of their Senior Teacher.

Fees:  The YAA TTP Application fee is $125.   As costs are paid directly to each class or workshop organizer, they are spread out over two years (or longer) that it takes to complete the program. Tax receipts are issued for all classes, workshops, etc. taken from the date of registration into the program.    YAA Membership must remain current and Certification fees apply.




300-Hour Program Requirements: The program requirements are currently under review.  Please contact the Coordinator at cert@yoga.ca.


  • To qualify for enrolment in the YAA TTP, applicants must be residents of Alberta, 18 years of age or older, must have already taken at least 2 years of recent yoga classes, OR have an endorsement from a YAA Senior Teacher willing to apprentice the student in the program.
  • Download the TTP Application Forms  and submit with details as outlined. Documents can be mailed or scanned directly to cert@yoga.ca.  
  • Ensure your YAA Membership is up to date, and submit the $125 Application Fee  online, or call the YAA office.  Membership is different from Teacher Certification.

Advanced Training Opportunities

The YAA supports ongoing training for its certified teachers and encourages teachers to continue to upgrade their yoga training beyond completion of the initial 300-Hour Level Certification.

Recertification: YAA Certified Hatha Yoga Teachers meet professional upgrading standards and recertify every three years, maintaining active participation in both classes/workshops and teaching hours.  This allows for credibility and recognition within professional circles, referrals from health authorities such as Alberta Health Services, and access to community job postings.

Additional Levels: With further training and experience after initial 300-Hour Certification, YAA Teachers may also qualify for the following certification levels:

500 Hour Level
600 Hour Level – Intermediate Teacher Status
800 Hour Level – Senior Teacher Status
Permanent Certification

Insurance: YAA Certified Teachers may obtain discount insurance rates under the umbrella of the YAA’s insurance policy.

For Further Information: Contact the TTP & Certification Coordinator at cert@yoga.ca

The YAA-TTP is recognized by the Yoga Alliance as a RYS-200 School

See a recent article by the Coordinator on the Yoga Alliance Standards Review Project

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