Permanent Certification

Recertification Overview

YAA Certified Hatha Yoga Teachers meet professional upgrading standards and maintain regular attendance in both classes/workshops and teaching hours. Permanent Certification is available after 20 years of YAA Certification. With further training and experience, YAA Certified Teachers may also qualify for Advanced Training Levels.

Recertification Requirements

YAA Certified Hatha Yoga Teachers must maintain up-to-date YAA membership and apply for recertification every three years in order to maintain certification status.  Recertification requirements are as follows:

  • Minimum total of 240 hours of hatha yoga professional development within a three year period in the following categories:
    • Minimum of 90 hours ATTENDING hatha yoga classes and/or workshops
    • Minimum of 50 hours TEACHING hatha yoga classes and/or workshops
  • The remaining minimum of 100 hours may be EITHER ATTENDING OR TEACHING hatha yoga classes and/or workshops.

Recertification Forms-Jan 2022

Please note: Fax # has been discontinued.  Forms can be mailed or sent via email to [email protected].

Excel Version – Recertification Forms

Pay online for Recertification fee.  If you do not meet the requirements for Recertification, an extension may be possible.  Please send an email to [email protected] outlining your circumstances.  NOTE that during this time of Pandemic Restrictions all online classes may be used for Recertification purposes.

Permanent Certification

YAA Permanent Certification is awarded to distinguished individuals for their years of service to the art of yoga, in both practice and teaching, and for their commitment to the YAA role and guiding principles.  YAA membership must remain current and Advanced Training Levels (eg. 500-Hour, Intermediate and Senior Teacher Status) must be applied for separately. Permanent Certification requirements are as follows:

  • 20 or more years of on-going teaching experience as a YAA Certified Teacher (equivalencies not accepted), and
  • Two Reference letters are also required if the applicant has not been previously approved as a YAA Intermediate or Senior Teacher.

Permanent Certification Application

Please note: Fax # has been discontinued.  Forms can be mailed or sent via email to [email protected].

Pay online for Permanent Certification fee


Full Document – Recertification Guidelines-Jan 2022.

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