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Please note there is no legislation for yoga teachers, and all Full YAA Members who are yoga teachers may be included in this directory.  YAA Certification is different from YAA Membership and completely voluntary.  YAA Certified teachers are recognized throughout Canada and the U.S., and are leading the way with some of the highest standards for initial training and continuing education requirements.  The YAA offers a mentorship-based hatha yoga Teacher Training Program as well as an Equivalency Certification Program that recognizes high standards of training through other sources. All YAA Certified Teachers are encouraged to upgrade through Advanced Training Levels.

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Please note:  It will take some time for teachers to personalize their Directory Listings and move their map pins to more precise locations.  Please bear with us as this new feature evolves. 🙏🏽

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How to Find a Yoga Teacher

Looking for advice on selecting a good yoga teacher? Check out the short video for tips on choosing a teacher that fits your needs.

If you’re looking for further guidance on how to find a new teacher or a mentor for Teacher Training, check out the TTP Coordinator's article on How to Find a Good Teacher.

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If you are a yoga teacher and want to be listed in our Directory, please send an email to .  Full YAA Membership is required.  YAA Equivalency Certification is also available for those who wish to be recognized as YAA Certified Teachers and work towards Advanced Training Levels.

Hire YAA Certified — A Standard of Excellence

The YAA is known throughout North America for its high standards of teacher training and professional-level Recertification requirements. When you hire a YAA Certified teacher, you can be assured they have met stringent standards and are adequately trained to offer safe, trauma-informed classes with modifications for the myriad injuries, conditions, and limitations amongst students in a typical yoga class.

As an umbrella organization, the YAA welcomes teachers from all backgrounds, lineages and styles. We offer professional support teachers including individual assessment for Equivalency Certification, ongoing professional development opportunities, trauma informed training, and Advanced Training Levels. All yoga teachers in Alberta are welcome and encouraged to join and access our professional support systems, either as a YAA Member or as a YAA Certified Teacher.

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