Looking for a mentor? Mentorship is an important part of the YAA Teacher Training Program and continues through Advanced Training Levels. If you're a student looking to find a mentor see the Teacher Directory (you can filter search results in the directory to show you YAA Senior Teachers who are available for mentoring).


Mentoring Opportunities

If you are a YAA Senior Teacher, our program is in need of mentors. YAA Senior Teachers are eligible to mentor students in their own communities under the auspices of the YAA Teacher Training Program (YAA-TTP). YAA-TTP classes are held in-person and on Zoom, so they are now easily accessible throughout Alberta. Additional hours, such as weekly classes, practicum hours, and extra workshops can all be taken with local mentors. Mentorship extends beyond basic 200-Hour training to all Advanced Training Levels.

If you are interested in mentoring students within the YAA-TTP, ensure you click the 'Available for Mentoring' checkbox in your Teacher Directory listing. The more information we have about you, where you teach, your style of teaching, etc., the easier it is for us to match you with prospective students. Please consider promoting the YAA-TTP within your classes as your regular students may not know that they can join our high quality training program with you as their mentor!

If you are an experienced teacher but not yet YAA Certified, your first step is YAA Equivalency Certification.  Teachers with substantial training and experience may already qualify for Advanced Training Levels.

If you own a studio and are running your own teacher training program, your students can apply for YAA Equivalency Certification.  This will give them connection with a larger local community plus recognition by the Yoga Alliance. Students can still continue to access classes and workshops through your studio, and apply them towards Recertification requirements and Advanced Training Levels with the YAA.  This ensures long-term engagement with your students throughout their career!  If you are a YAA Senior Teacher, your studio may qualify for our upcoming accreditation program.  Contact us for more details.


Contact the Coordinator at with any questions or concerns. We are here to help you work with your community so together we can help Alberta thrive!

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