Training Programs



*NEW* 100-Hour Immersion Program: The YAA’s 100-Hour Immersion program is geared towards experienced yoga students who wish to deepen their understanding of the practices and philosophies of hatha yoga, but do not have intentions to teach. 

200-Hour Teacher Training: The YAA has been recognized across Canada for its high standards of yoga instruction.  The YAA-TTP is a mentorship-based program in Hatha yoga where students choose a YAA Senior Teacher with whom to apprentice.   Students are able to choose a lineage that suits their needs and preferences, while following a standard curriculum of training.  

Advanced Training Levels: With further training and experience, YAA Certified Teachers may also qualify for certification at the following levels:

  • 500-Hour Level
  • 750 Hour Level (Intermediate Teacher Status)
  • 1,000 Hour Level (Senior Teacher Status)

Equivalency Certification: The YAA recognizes teacher training led by qualified teachers in a diversity of hatha yoga styles.  Individual assessment with credit for qualified previous training.

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