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Hire YAA Certified - A Standard of Excellence

The YAA is known throughout North America for its high standards of teacher training and professional-level continuing education requirements. When you hire a YAA Certified teacher, you can be assured they have met stringent standards and are adequately trained to offer safe, trauma-informed classes with modifications for the myriad injuries, conditions, and limitations amongst students in a typical yoga class, ensuring accessibility for all your participants. The YAA supports its teachers through professional support including free ongoing professional development and cost-effective upgrading opportunities.


Typical Rates

Teaching yoga requires many years of dedicated practice and ongoing training, and involves additional time for travel, class planning, set-up, client relations, marketing, and more.  Most yoga teachers are self-employed with no benefits or sick time, and must pay for their own insurance, ongoing training, certification fees and other business expenses. YAA Certified Teachers must re-certify every three years and meet professional-level standards for continuing education requirements.

Teachers set their own rates and may work on commission or rent space to facilitate their own classes.  For experienced teachers, we recommend a minimum starting rate of $60/hour for ongoing weekly classes, $70/hour or more for Senior Level Teachers.  Rates for one-time events, specialized trainings, private or corporate classes may be significantly higher.

Our Charitable Outreach Programs provide free or subsidized classes for underserved communities, where funding is available.  See the link for more details or contact ac.ag1721061997oy@aa1721061997y1721061997.

Submit Your Posting

Partner with the YAA! We are happy to offer qualified partners (non-profits, government agencies, hiring facilities, etc.) a FREE Associate Membership with no expiry! Contact ac.ag1721061997oy@aa1721061997y1721061997 to activate your free membership and get access to your account.

You must be logged in to your account to create job postings, which can be accessed by all YAA Certified Teachers (under the Teacher Resources Menu).  After filling in the form please Save Draft, Preview the post, and then be sure to hit Submit Posting in the Preview page.  Postings will automatically expire after 30 days unless renewed. Contact ac.ag1721061997oy@ni1721061997mda1721061997 to edit, renew or remove your post.  Please allow 3-5 business days for your post to be approved.

Job listings may also be posted in our YAA Members Facebook Group.  Note that not all teachers in this group will be YAA Certified, so please ask about teacher qualifications. There is no legislation or regulations for yoga teachers in North America and registration or certification with any organization is voluntary. To ensure the highest standards, ask for YAA!

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