Yoga Immersion Program


The YAA's 100-Hour Immersion program is geared towards experienced yoga students who wish to deepen their understanding of the practices and philosophies of hatha yoga, but do not have intentions to teach. Credit for the 100-Hour Immersion Program may be applied towards the 200-Hour Teacher Training Program.


Program Schedule and Fees

The YAA TTP consists of 100 Hours of training.

The Core Curriculum Classes are held about once per month in Edmonton, usually on Saturdays, and are also offered online on the Zoom platform. The sequence of classes repeats every two years, allowing students to work at their own pace and integrate their learning over time. Students may begin the program at any time during the year. Credit can later be transferred to the Teacher Training Program if the student later decides to pursue a career in teaching.

All classes and workshops are pay-as-you-go so there is no up-front tuition, and costs are spread out over the time it takes to complete the program. There are 16 Core Curriculum classes currently priced at $80 each, plus an additional 20 hours — from sources chosen by the student — are also required. Full YAA Membership must also remain current throughout the program.

100-Hour Program Requirements

The program requirements are summarized as follows:

  • 80 hours of YAA Monthly Core Curriculum Classes (16 x 5 Hour Classes) or equivalent training approved by the Certification Coordinator.
  • 20 hours of other Hatha Yoga Workshops with YAA Senior Teachers or YAA sponsored teachers. Consult with the Coordinator on workshop selection.
  • Regular weekly hatha yoga classes with YAA Senior and/or Intermediate Teacher(s) are also highly recommended, but not counted in the program hours.


For Further Information: Contact the Coordinator at

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