The Yogic Art of Living and Dying w/ Anne Douglas – 6 Hour Online RECORDED Workshop Available for a Limited Time


Perspectives and practices that prepare us for this inevitability and help us to live in a more sacred, welcoming and integrated manner.

You will be contacted via email with further instructions to access the recordings.  Please allow us some time to process your order.

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About the Teacher: Anne Douglas has taught yoga and meditation internationally for over 30 years and is a certified IAYT therapist. She is the past Director of Trainers for the iRest Institute and creator of the iRest Daily meditation program, which has over three million listeners on the Simple Habit App. Her enthusiasm, compassion, humour and wisdom infuse her teaching. Her article appeared in the Winter 2022 Yoga Bridge Newsletter.

Learn more about Anne Douglas here:

Online Workshop was recorded on Zoom Feb 2023 – link to recording will be provided for a limited time.

When attending online classes we want you to listen to your body and if something seems inappropriate for you to do, please don’t.  You can cease the activity, modify the position, or return to your breath until it feels safe and appropriate for you to continue.



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