April 28, 2024 YAA – 48th Annual General Meeting and Free Member Workshop with George McFaul


YAA’s 48th Annual General Meeting. Sunday, April 28th, 2024 10am-2pm on Zoom.

Meeting with election of Board of Directors, annual reports. Free workshop with George McFaul for all YAA members who attend the meeting. “From Seeds to the Sun – an exploratory journey of the evolution of movement”.

All YAA members are welcome and encouraged to attend the AGM. The Workshop is free for all YAA members who attend the meeting. Please ensure your YAA Membership is up-to-date before registering.  First year’s Associate Memberships are FREE for Alberta residents!



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Workshop with George McFaul

From Seeds to the Sun – an exploratory workshop journey of the Bija Mantras, the Neuroendocrine system, the Chakras, the evolution of movement, and the Sun Salutation

For a long time now the universe has been germinating in your spine…

Our time together in this workshop will be an enquiry into listening to your greatest teacher: your own embodied awareness. The practice will begin with opening the doors to vibration through the ‘Om orchestra’ and the Bija (seed) Mantras. Along the way we will sense, feel and act from the Chakras and their Neuroendocrine (glandular) counterparts. Yum.

Once nicely warmed up and primed for listening and moving from within, we will experience ‘moving savasana’, as a doorway to re-membering the developmental movement patterns that have led you, and your species, to evolve from your watery home as oscillating cells to become the upright bipeds you are, finally able to stand on your own two feet. This exploration will eventually, in this lifetime or another, lend its intelligence and expression in your version of Surya Namaskar. And there you are.

Tada drastuh svarupe avasthanam (Then, the Seer rests in its own True Splendour).

We will complete the workshop with a guided Yoga Nidra experience of the seeds of longing (Sankalpa) that are germinating in every part of being you.

For more info see George’s article in the Spring Yoga Bridge magazine.

About George:

George McFaul is a long time practitioner of Yoga and Yoga Nidra, as well as a Mental Health practitioner. George has a BA (Hons) in Eastern Religions (U of C), a graduate diploma in Mental Health and Substance Use (Camosun College, Victoria, BC), and numerous certificates from both fields.

George’s teaching career has spanned nearly three decades. Originally certified to teach through the Yoga Association of Alberta and the Yoga Centre of Calgary, George has provided Yoga classes, workshops, retreats, private sessions and Advanced Teacher Training to thousands of students. Primarily based in Calgary, George has taught in many locations in Canada and internationally.

Increasingly George’s focus has evolved to teaching Yoga practices that allow anyone to experience ease in body, mind and spirit. The physical practices that support this are gentle, simple and immediately gratifying. The meditative practices are effective, guided explorations that invite individuals to welcome their unique experiences of breath, sensation, thought and joy.

George’s classes and approach to yoga and meditation are inclusive, allowing beginners and experienced practitioners alike to enhance personal wellness. There is, most always, laughter.

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