The Good We Do Together – Calming Stress in Difficult Times


We live in a world that breeds anxiety and stress. Yoga brings calm. Clarity. Inner peace. One breath at a time.

YAA’s outreach work with Candora Society brings the healing benefits of yoga into the lives of people experiencing poverty who could not otherwise access classes.

Two impact stories from Candora participants:

Because I live with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy, I participate in the Friday yoga class at the ARC in NE Edmonton.  I want to thank your organization for funding this program on a weekly basis.  (The teacher) is a remarkable instructor; guiding us, making us feel safe, trusting us to know ourselves and abilities, and gently addressing physical / emotional situations we may be living with. (She) will focus on strength, balance, flexibility, joy, acceptance and laughter. She is both professional and personal.

These classes help me keep my muscles as fit as they can be, so I don't strain them or fall.  They are held in my neighbourhood, they are free, they are user-friendly and help reduce isolation. Thank you, YAA! Namaste,

~Margaret S., Candora program participant, Sept 2023


I just want to say that the yoga class is an amazing way to end the week:

- It is so relaxing,
- The women who come have built a relationship with each other,
- (The teacher) is so affirming of all the women and does such a great job of instructing us to do the yoga positions correctly.
- There is a sense of community and when the sessions end after 10 weeks, I feel like something is missing in my week.

Thank you to the YAA and Candora for making this class happen.

~Ann N., Candora program participant, Oct 2023

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