The Good We Do Together – Healing from the Inside

Remand Centre

Yoga provides a sense of calm; a safe inner space to self-reflect, recognize how trauma responses affect our daily lives, and learn to self-regulate and develop healthier responses.

Our outreach program with the Edmonton Remand Centre helps bring inner peace and positive coping strategies to those who need them most.

Below is a collection of comments we gathered recently from participants at the ERC.

  • I felt peace which you don’t get to feel a lot in here.
  • If I had done yoga before I went to jail I probably wouldn't have ended up in jail.
  • Let a lot off my mind, was really helpful. 
  • I feel I am more free and happy and able to pay more attention things that come in front of me or dealing with situations. 
  • I felt at peace
  • Inclusive, mental adaptations and pain relief, stress relief and peace
  • The connection between my heart and mind improved a lot.
  • Better focus, happier and less stress
  • Feel like I can be more fit, less depressed.
  • Happiness, blood flow, very healthy
  • More classes
  • Keeping calm
  • In my anxiety it's improved a lot and my health is improved. 
  • Calm
  • Less depression, centered
  • My body and soul feels better
  • The stretching helps my back and the meditation helps my anxiety
  • Help me find a relaxed centre
  • Realizations
  • My mood lightened and my back feels better
  • Lighter, happier and easier
  • Relaxed, less stress, less tension
  • Helps keep me calm, focused, spending my time in a healthy way
  • I need - amen
  • Wow thank you for this class need more
  • I feel very more relax and happy that we had this class
  • Nerve and emotional balance
  • Spirit
  • Help me good some others (sic)
  • Calmness and about love
  • Yes, I feel more aware
  • Sense of peace
  • I feel really calm
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